One of the most promising flooring trends of 2019 includes grey flooring which is taking over commercial as well as residential flooring. This neutral colour combined with a few bright tones makes a bold style statement like no other.

Grey floors give off a modern vibe and can harmoniously complement most hues in the colour spectrum. Take a look at why grey floors are a good idea for you.

Why pick grey?

A timeless trend

Many people would say that grey is just under the spotlight for a short time but any well-established interior designer will tell you that this is not just a fleeting trend—grey floors have made their mark and they’re here to say. This is why opting for grey flooring is a smart long-term investment idea.

For a modern and traditional outlook

Neutral shades are the hype of the hour and for a good reason! Grey floors look best when paired with modern accented furniture as the colour compliments contemporary interior designs perfectly.  

Grey can also be paired with wooden furniture of different textures for a more traditional and warm vibe.

There’s a variety of shades

When it comes to grey floors, there’s a variety of shades you can choose from depending on your preferences.

Dark grey offers a sophisticated and rich colour for a bold and dramatic look. It goes well with large rooms and light furniture for an aesthetic contrast.

On the other hand, light grey opens up small spaces by making them appear much more expansive. You can pair it warm accent colours such as yellows, greens, and blues with cool undertones.

For an industrial aesthetic

Grey floors come in handy if you’re aiming for an urban aesthetic by combining exposed bricks. This look is increasingly being adopted by several popular and quaint coffee shops that are present at every street and corner.   

The overall look is crisp and clean, which is what attracts the attention of several people.

What colours compliment grey flooring?

Grey may be the basis of contemporary modern décor, but it needs some other colours to spice things up! Here are some of them.

Reds and pinks

Reds and oranges with warm undertones come together exquisitely with all shades of grey. The warmth is a good way to offset the monotonous grey and balance its coolness.

Additionally, pinks and salmons that are close to red are also good options to complement the grey subtly. You can use drapes in these shades to complement the grey floors.  


Teal, blue, and green shades go wonderfully well with grey if you want a cool-theme for your room. You can use these colours as upholstery and fabrics on furniture.


Pairing grey with undertones of brown, black, and similar neutrals creates a warm yet sophisticated look. You can use pillows and cushions in these colours and accessorize with animal print to complete the look of your room.

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