Styccobond F41 15 Litre

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Styccobond F41 15 Litre

STYCCOBOND F41 is a solvent free acrylic polymer emulsion adhesive. It is designed
to provide a permanently tacky film which prevents ‘loose-lay’ carpet tiles from moving
under normal traffic but enables them to be lifted and replaced easily when required.
It is non-flammable, is protected against biodegradation, is suitable for use over normal
underfloor heating installations, is resistant to plasticiser migration and will withstand
normal wet cleaning techniques.

STYCCOBOND F41 can be used for securing a wide range of dimensionally stable
“lay flat” carpet tiles backed with bitumen/felt, non-woven fabric, PVC and other
polymer backings.
See the Recommended Adhesives Guide for details of specific floorcoverings.

STYCCOBOND F41 has been tested to the standards of the International
Maritime Organisation and approved for use in marine floor installations.
USCG approval No. 164.112/1121/WCL MED0406.

STYCCOBOND F41 can be applied to STOPGAP smoothing underlayments,
structurally sound, smooth, dry subfloors of concrete and sand/cement screed,
plywood, flooring grade chipboard and hardboard.

STYCCOBOND F41 can also be applied to non-absorbent subfloors such as
STOPGAP waterproof surface membranes, STOPGAP ISOLATOR, Raised Access
Flooring Panels, Steel, Terrazzo, Granolithic, Linoleum and Vinyl floorcoverings.
Sound flooring grade asphalt must be skimmed with a minimum of 3mm of the
appropriate STOPGAP smoothing underlayment.


Colour White
Consistency Viscous Liquid
Coverage Rate (Approx.) 8 – 22m2 per litre with a roller depending on the absorbency of the subfloor and the backing of the carpet tile.
Drying Time (Approx.) 20 minutes depending on temperature, humidity and
absorbency of the subfloor



• Prevents loose-lay tiles from moving
• Allows individual, damaged or worn tiles to be quickly removed or replaced


All aspects of the installation of
floorcoverings should be in accordance with
the requirements of the relevant British
Standard Code of Practice i.e. BS 5325
(Installation of textile floorcoverings) and
supplementary specifications.


25 litre bottle
15 litre bucket
5 litre bottle



25 litres Roller 200 – 550m2
15 litres Roller 120 – 330m2
5 litres Roller 40 – 110m2


Note: Coverage rates will depend on the condition and
absorbency of the subfloor and the application pattern.