Christmas is just a few weeks away, and what is that we’re hearing? Is that the sound of Santa making his way down the chimney? Wait a second; it sounds like the sound of your Christmas tree being dragged across the floor!

Every year like clockwork, people get the most stunning Christmas trees, but are left with scratches and dents on their hardwood floors as a result. Well, that’s why we’re equipping you with some much-needed tips and tricks to save your floor from damage this Christmas, no matter what type of flooring you have.

Hardwood Flooring

The beautiful contrast of dark brown hardwood flooring against a crisp, fresh green Christmas tree is picture perfect! However, once the holiday season is over, all the damage your floor incurred will leave much to be desired.

Tree sap, for example, can be an absolute pain to remove! But did you know something as simple as placing ice on it can get it off? Additionally, make sure you regularly sweep the floor to get rid of any fallen needles. Walking over them could scratch the hardwood floor and embed them deep into the floorboards.

Carpet Flooring

Decorated Christmas tree and gifts on carpet flooring.

A carpet is perfect when placed alongside a Christmas tree! You can sit around the tree with your family as you open presents and snap pictures to make memories. However, you might need to be extra careful with maintenance during the holiday season.

You should get your carpet shampooed before installing the tree, and once after it’s removed. This ensures that no dust and grime accumulate over Christmas. Make sure to vacuum any needles and dust that collects on your carpet to ensure your family is healthy and safe!

Other Flooring

No matter what type of flooring you have installed in your home, you can use these universal tips to keep your floor clean and needle-free! Make sure you water the fresh Christmas tree to keep it hydrated to keep wilting at bay.

But while watering the tree is essential, wipe away any standing water immediately. Leftover water could lead to the development of mildew or mould. You can even get a rubber floor mat to catch any water or needles.

With these safety tips, you can enjoy a stress-free Christmas. However, if you find yourself still dissatisfied with the results and want to get new flooring, we, at Flooring King, are here to deliver. Choose from our wide range of flooring options and have it delivered to your home for free! You can also buy flooring accessories online to rejuvenate your home’s floors without complete re-installation.

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