Transform your home with our beautiful collection of engineered wood flooring, including brands such as Meister, Timba, CFS and our own wood range; The Royal Collection.

A quality alternative to solid wood which has a layered construction. This construction makes this flooring more stable and more resistant to fluctuating temperatures than solid wood, without compromising on the aesthetic quality of solid wood flooring.

Another advantage is that this type of floor is also compatible with under-floor heating and is more durable than wood. On our website, this wood flooring is available in numerous species including Oak, Maple and Walnut to bring out the best in all types of interior design, furniture themes, colour-palettes and backdrops but what makes it so remarkable is that it is easy to sand and give a new finishing to, if need be.

Check out our collection of luxury engineered wood flooring for sale on our website to buy online.

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