Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has always been a popular choice within a residential or commercial setting. Whether you are looking for vinyl for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or even an office we have it covered. Our commercial and safety vinyl also offers a great range of colours and effects.

The three basic categories of vinyl sheet flooring are homogeneous, inlaid, and layered composite. Vinyl flooring differs in the manufacturing process and polyvinyl chloride content.

Composite manufacturing begins with a fibrous backing sheet. This was often felt or paper (before 1980, often with asbestos); more modernly, it is generally fibreglass. This sheet is coated in vinyl and plasticizer. The resulting sheet is printed and possibly embossed (the print layer). Then the sheet is coated again with one or more protective wear layers, the topmost of which may be polyurethane, to avoid waxing.

Cushion vinyl sheet was developed in the 1960s. It features closed-cell-foam lower layers. A cushioned floor has more give and spring.

As it does not let water through, sheet flooring is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Some types can be used in wet rooms.

Because the closed-cell foam backing of the vinyl sheet can be varied, it can be given the resilience profile of sprung performance floor, suitable as a sports or dance floor. It can make a permanent or portable dance floor which can be laid on problematic surfaces such as concrete.

Some sheet vinyl flooring can be used outside.

Find below the different categories for vinyl.

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