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The incorporation of James Halstead Limited: 1915

It all began back in 1915, founded by James Halstead as a weaving operation. James started his own company whilst he was still working for another company as a Weaving Shed Manager in Manchester. Starting with a product line of his own making woven cotton textiles which were both died and waterproofed.  Eventually, James turned to rubberised fabric used in the manufacturer of mackintoshes.

Later, in 1934 James Halstead brought in a machine to friction calender (or roll) rubber onto a teased fabric – thus being James’s first flooring product he’d ever created.

In 1948 Belstaff joins ‘THE JAMES HALSTEAD GROUP’ of companies as they become a public company on the Stock Exchange on 30th April 1948, issuing 10,000 ordinary shares at just ten shillings each.

Polyflor Style A was created with Bernat Klein which was specific to the Property Services Agency’s interior furnishing scheme.

2006 – The Queen’s Award was presented to James Halstead Flooring for Enterprise in the category of International Trade.

Picture: The Queens Award Mark

Today Polyflor (James Halstead Flooring) is a leading international manufacturer of commercial vinyl flooring all over the world which you will find in Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Care homes, Shopping Centres and you are more than likely to stand on one of their creations every single day.

Picture: Polyflor EnCore Rigid LOC SPC range 

Polyflor does not only create floor coverings for commercial buildings and public places but for our homes as well!

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