We understand that choosing the flooring for the living room is one of the hardest choices for most people as it’s often the room that they, or their family, will spend the most time in. With many factors to consider including traffic, colour, look and feel it can be a hard task to make up your mind when it comes to your living room. That’s why we’ve written this guide in hope that it makes things a little bit easier for you, so you can create the best atmosphere in the heart of your home.




It is believed that carpet as we know it was brought to England in the 16th century and has been very popular ever since. It is now the go-to choice for many people and it is used by millions of homes across the UK due to its comfort and warmth. Carpet can be purchased in many colours and patterns to suit your need no matter what your taste. It is advisable with carpet to consider your specific needs. For example if you have children or pets you may want to consider a harder wearing carpet which is stain resistant and whether a darker option may be a better choice. Take a look at our carpet range here




Laminate has risen to prominence in the domestic market due to its almost infinite range of patterns and durability. Laminate is very hard wearing and easy to clean making it tick a lot of the right boxes for the living room. Whether you are looking to stick to a budget or push the boat out there is a laminate for you. Laminate is a pretty safe choice for the living room as its very easy to clean and hard wearing but you may want to add a rug to bring some additional warm to your room. Take a look at our laminate range here


Real wood


Real wood is absolutely beautiful in the living room as it brings natural beauty into your home. It is generally very hard wearing and can be sanded down and refinished after the years have taken their toll meaning that it really can be a floor for life. Real wood, whether you opt for solid or engineered can be matched with almost any decor due to its natural feel but it is worth considering the colours of your living room when looking for your perfect wood. Take a look at our real wood range here




LVT, or luxury vinyl tiles are relatively new to the market but are one of the fastest growing products in the entire flooring industry for a couple of reasons. LVTs, similarly to laminate have almost any design options that you can imagine. They are generally waterproof and very hard wearing making them a good choice for the living room and other high traffic areas. With plenty of designs, textures, shapes and sizes available you can be sure there is an LVT for you. Take a look at our LVT range here