As October rolls around, you can probably feel the excitement of Halloween creeping in. Are you ready to deck your halls with the spookiest décor you can find? Already invited your closest friends for a night of fun? However you celebrate, the one thing that’s common among everyone this time of year is the dread of cleaning up the next morning.

The drinks will spill, someone might knock over the plate of quiches, and streamers will be strewn across the room. Have you taken the necessary steps to protect your floors?

Here are some ways you keep your floors looking as pristine as ever this Halloween:

Place some mats and rugs

Parties are all about people mingling and playing fun games to pass the time, but this excessive foot traffic can be detrimental to your flooring. Laying down floor protection and fire retardant sheets is an effective way to prevent your floors from getting damaged during the festivities.

Placing large mats at the entrance allows your guests to wipe their shoes before they enter your home, ensuring that they’re not bringing in rain and mud with them. Your hardwood floors will also be protected from dust, debris, and grit that would otherwise be brought into your home and could potentially scratch the wood floors.

Rugs are also a necessary addition in parts of your home that are prone to greater foot traffic. Anchoring your kitchen and living room with a large rug will make sure everyone’s shoes don’t ruin your floors.

Clean spillages right away

Whether you have hardwood floors, carpeting, or vinyl flooring, none of them are immune to staining. The best way to avoid long-term damage to your flooring is to address any spillages right away.

A little vigilance will go a long way, since you’ll be safe from the hassle of spending hours scrubbing and bleaching away stains that have set in. Cleaning up right after the event will ensure that dirt and debris don’t make their way into your home, permanently embedding themselves in the flooring.

Be prepared

Candy and chocolates are a Halloween staple. But how do you enjoy these sticky, sugary treats without getting them all over your beautiful floors? Be prepared for your children to come home with bags full of sweet treats, ready to dump them on the floor and sifting through their spoils.

Taking preemptive measures like laying a paper bag or sheet for them to empty their bags onto will save your flooring from a sticky situation. There’s nothing worse than having to scrape off stubborn caramel and chocolate from carpets or hardwood floors.

This Halloween, be prepared to have an experience of a lifetime while ensuring your floors are protected. For beautiful, durable flooring that’s worth protecting, check out our vast collection. Flooring King Limited has a wide array of options to choose from; from engineered hardwood flooring and whitewashed oak to laminate and luxury vinyl flooring, there’s something for everyone.

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