Spills, muddy footprints, and stiletto heel grooves galore—once spotless and lustrous, your floors have now become the antithesis of shine. Almost absorbing light into its marks, nooks, and dirty, grainy texture; the flooring could do with an upgrade.

But, should you invest in a cleaning service this time around or a replacement? We’d suggest the latter!

Here’s why. In recent years, replacements have gained popularity, with laminate and vinyl flooring being the two leading contenders for family homes.

 The Benefits of Vinyl and Laminate


On a global scale, the vinyl flooring market has gained substantial momentum in recent years. A durable option with a range of layer thickness options, vinyl is one of the best choices if your home’s floors are used to wear and tear.

Most people opt for vinyl because its cheap and eco-friendly. Since vinyl is made using recyclable material it’s an excellent choice if you’re concerned about the environment.

Available in tiles, sheets, and planks in a seemingly endless variety of patterns, colours, and textures, vinyl is also easy to clean and can withstand most forms of liquid from everyday household products such as grease, oil, water, and even some chemicals.


girl wearing roller skates

Laminate can be used for all rooms in the house, including bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, they’re an excellent choice since they’re easy to install and replace.

Laminate is a popular flooring option worldwide too, and is considered to be another family-friendly option because of its resistance to fading and durability. Laminate floors last far longer with the right subfloor and are a great option if your home requires underfloor heating. It’s usable for small flats as well, since they produce a soft but solid sound, laminate flooring has a thick core, so you won’t have to worry about any heavy footfalls.

Laminate floors are shock-resistant, so whether its scratches, heavy falling objects (even scorch marks!), your laminate floors will retain its quality, despite potential damage.

So, Which Option Should You Choose?

Considering the qualities for each flooring option, you could go with either vinyl or laminate for your home. However, if you have specific needs, we recommend getting in touch with a professional flooring company like ours for a consultation.

Have a look at our selection of luxury vinyl tiles or laminate flooring on sale online, and let us know which option appeals to you. Get the best flooring for your family home!