Engineered hardwood flooring has all the benefits and aesthetic appeal of solid wood flooring. It is also the most resilient flooring option out there, credited to the strength provided by its hidden layers. The multiple layers of plywood underneath the top layer of hardwood flooring also bolster its resistance to damage due to extreme environmental conditions.

While engineered hardwood flooring is as healthy and beautiful as a typical hardwood floor, it has some additional benefits because of its manufacturing process. Here are some:

engineered hardwood floor in front of a door with a doormat


Engineered wood flooring is known for its extensive lifespan. The numerous layers of plywood under the veneer surface provide high-stability and durability. Hence, it has become a top choice for risky areas in the house, especially the kitchen and bathrooms.

When installing a hardwood floor in the kitchen, you always run the risk of attracting moisture. However, engineered hardwood flooring will outperform any other type of flooring in this department because of its ability to limit the effects of expansion and contraction.


The core of engineered hardwood flooring consists of cheap and underutilized wood (more commonly known as plywood). This means that it’s much more affordable and cost-effective than high-priced maple wood flooring.

Moreover, the installation and manufacturing costs of engineered wood flooring are also much lower than solid wood flooring. You don’t have to uproot your concrete floor to install engineered wood flooring, nor do you have to worry about sanding it.

potted plants placed on an engineered hardwood floor

Easy To Install

The installation process is simple and straightforward; there is a system of tongue and grooves that makes the floorboards fit perfectly together.

Whether you’re getting help from a professional or installing it all by yourself, you can save both money and time when you opt for an engineered wood floor.

Long Lifespan

Maintaining the quality and look of a hardwood floor is extremely crucial. A battered down floor can make the whole room look dingy and suffocating.

Engineered wood flooring can be sanded down easily to maintain its longevity and beauty. You can get rid of scuff marks and scratches instantly. It can also be refinished to restore the shine of the once bright-looking wood floor.

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